Personal Affirmation


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My Sovereign Queen

My Sovereign Queen

As I stand on the threshold between night and day

A blood red moon on the rise

While blackened leaves drift silently on the wind

And gray clouds part their way before your face

I fall rapturously under your power

You sword stained with blood

The blood of the unrighteous

Their rotting carcasses laying at your feet

And gathering ravens o’er head cry out your name

Your wisdom blossoms within me

By the touch of your lily white hand

You who are the Black Raven of Death

Screaming savagely on the barren fields

I reach into the void of my own soul

And find you there

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Isis, Queen of Heaven

Queen of Heaven

Mother of All the Gods

The One who is All

The Brilliant One In the Sky

Great Lady of Magick

Underworld Mistress of the House of Life

Light-Giver of Heaven

Lady of the Words of Power

Moon Shining Over the Sea


We call to Thee

Bless us Thy presence!

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The Goddess Speaks


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The Goddess Speaks-Lady of Ravens


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Fair Goddess Of Justice

Fair Goddess of Justice
Burning bright in the Heavens
Extend your hand to me today
Cleanse me today with grace
Deliver unto me your hand of justice
Restore my peace of mind
Removing mine enemies from my door
For no mortal can stand within
The light of your Holy fire
It burns them asunder
And melts away the rotting soul
Oh the grateful stars display
Your unyielding beauty
No human heart can resist the pull
Of the vengeance in your eyes
When one of your children is wronged
The bitter flowers absent of their scent
Still forever bathed in your Holy light
Sanctified by your kiss of deliverance
From my enemies scorn
I ask you to remove misfortune’s plight
That I may once again embrace
Your sacred direction and purpose
That you bestowed upon me.

© copyright 2012-01-04 All Rights Reserved

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Feast of Desire

Feast of Desire

Crawl inside my silent tomb
I know where your demoms hide
I bid you welcome to my hell
As frozen tears become etched on crimson snow
Suspended in time
For the sensual taste of your blood sustains my deviant hunger
Oh such wonderous agony you do not know
A feast of desire in the darkened winter night
Enticing passion’s flames to rise and burn you from within
Fueling your human heart into sin’s playground
Releasing your primal desires into death’s embrace
Drawing your last breath into eternity
For perpetual oblivion enchanting your soul
As love’s undying gift is granted….

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