Good Day Dear Readers!

Its another chilly wet day here in Ridge, NY. Another day of laundry, cleaning, and endless thoughts running through my head. Today its movies. I adore horror movies, tv shows from the 70’s ( I remember Little House on the Prairie and Isis specifically), suspense thrillers. Because we don’t have cable tv we utilize our local library for dvds and I found a cute movie called “Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, and Neil Patrick Harris (remember him as a kid in Doogie Howser?) , and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Alex plays Kyle; a shallow, spoiled and even obnoxious high school prince. Mary-Kate who’s acting ability in my opinion sucks plays a witch of all things laughs and is Kyle’s recent target for humiliation. The tables turn when fed up with his popularity and taunts Kendra (Mary-Kate) casts a spell on him. Within the spell is the clause (supported by the tree tattoo on his arm, which changes as the season changes. He has one year to find someone to say “I love you”. Interesting enough he is changed from a cute blonde high school guy to a tattooed and scarred and ahem bald young man. She tells him that he is ugly on the outside as he is on the inside and now has a year to find someone to love him or stay that way forever. Sure no pressure!

The last person he expects to find himself falling in love with as the “monster” is the quiet and unnoticed classmate Lindy (played by Vanessa Hudgens). To his surprise he even learns to care about other people instead of himself through his blind tutor (played by NPH), and his father’s housekeeper.

Personally I found the movie (while badly acted by a couple of people) extremely cute! NPH did a fabulous job as usual with his rather candid sense of humor that was supposed to be written as sarcasm. While Hollywood again did a terrible job at portraying who Witches really are it brings to mind the ol story of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Kendra’s lesson on Kyle despite his protests and pleas for help to her to end the curse before the year was up proved to be quite on the edge of my seat as I couldn’t wait to find how Kyle was going to win Lindy’s heart without scaring her off. I thought Kyle looked pretty cool myself with the tree tattoos over his body and what appeared to be fresh scars on his face.

The film itself was silly and a bit drawn out badly acted in spots but it did prove to be a brilliant thought. A young man had to prove not only to Kendra, but more to himself that there is no such thing as ugly love.

The Goddess In Me- The Menopausal Years

Merry Meet Dear Readers,

Yesterday was just plain awful. Everything just made me cry. I sat here and thought about the drastic changes my body is now undergoing. I cant begin to describe the emotional outbursts, the bloating, the cramping as I discovered my moon cycle decided to show up two weeks early.

I didnt expect menopause to be an easy transition from Mother to Crone, nor did I expect to cry at every little annoyance either.

As a Witch you would think I would use some magick or meditation to help me with the mood swings, the hot flashes, cold sweats, and even my nightmares which of late are just downright weird but no not me *laughs*

I did have some thoughts (not sure if they were just my own thoughts or whether the Goddess was trying to speak to me) but I kept hearing

This too, is a part of Me

When I think of the Crone Goddess I often relate to her as a terrifying hag from children’s stories

You know the kind I mean. Its certianly not meant to be insulting to the Goddess of course. Perhaps its just left over from my upbringing as a child, perhaps not. I know the Crone is not someone to fear, that she is just another aspect of the Goddess I serve; I just don’t know if I’m ready to take up the mantle of Crone in my own life.

*Laughs* Obviously the Goddess and my own biological clock says otherwise. I can no more stop it from happening than I can stopping time itself.

I am merely afraid of growing old even though I shouldnt be. Then the Goddess stands before me as the Crone with her graying hair, her dark robes, her face etched with lines, with the waning silver crescent on her brow and she says to me;

As you are within Me, so I am within you. You are Goddess. So begins your new journey. Embrace it, and be joyful.

And so, the Goddess remains. A steadfast force in my life. Forever. That was the oath I made. The Crone is also like the Maiden and Mother before her; The Goddess in me.

The Pagan Tarot Part 12 Temperance

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet!

I finally got the pic loader to work, YAY! In the Temperance card of the Pagan Tarot deck we see the young woman sitting behind a desk with papers, a computer, the phone; all devices that depict work. A big pentacle picture hangs on the wall and a statue on the desk.

This is the card of moderation. All work and no play makes a person cranky and boring!  This is also a card of patience. Hard work does pay off and we do reap the rewards of a job well done.

Key Words- moderation, dilligence, patience

Key Phrase- Beware to guard against extremes

The Pagan Tarot Part 11 The Hanged Man

Good Day Dear Readers and Merry Meet!

What a fabulous day here in Ridge, NY! It’s going to about 70 degrees today, already the temps are in the 50’s around Long Island. Everything is turning green! The trees are starting to bud, my violets are already blooming and spreading everywhere. I don’t know if I mentioned this in another post but we finally after 4 years got a car! YAY! Suffice to say this will open up more doors for us and hopefully improve our living situation.

Now for the Morning Thoughts of the Day.

The Pagan Tarot Part 11 The Hanged Man

This is not your ordinary Hanged Man card! The young woman continues her spiritual journey by getting ready for her initiation which I goofed on as this was supposed to be the card BEFORE Death. My bad.

Two women are helping her by one tying her hands behind her back while the other has blindfolded her and adjusts her hood. Off in the distance we see the ritually clad coven from the Death card with their torches.

This is the card of self-sacrifice and enduring it as a part of the initiation. The recent trails and tribulations of self-sacrifice fill one with a sense of well-being, and peace. More importantly; Fulfillment.

A spiritual fulfillment that we cannot otherwise find for ourselves without surrendering ourselves to the higher power.

Key Words- peace, self-sacrifice, initiation, fulfillment

Key Phrase- If that which you seek you cannot find within yourself you will never find it without surrendering to Me.

Again I apologize for the lack of pictures! Have a great day! xoxox

The Pagan Tarot Part 10 Death

The Pagan Tarot Part 10 Death

Today’s card from the Pagan Tarot Deck is Death. This is a fascinating card to me because unlike other Tarot decks where Death is represented by a ‘grim reaper’ figure this one has ritually clad people holding torches while one blindfold’s the young woman. From her hand springs a large monarch butterfly and in her other hand appears to be a wand of some sort.

It appears to be some kind of initiation in which case this would mean the death of one self. Meaning the death of your old life and you are reborn into a new one. We often go through these transformations in the Craft whether dedications, or our first degree, etc.

The butterfly representing new life and messages from the divine. The wand is focusing and directing power. This card does not represent death in the literal sense. It is more a spiritual death. The death of old outworn modes of thinking and learning to be replaced with the new. It is a spiritual rebirth.

Key words- death, spiritual rebirth, moving on, transformation, and spiritual journey

Key Phrase- I am reborn in the Goddess

The Pagan Tarot Part 9 Justice

The Pagan Tarot Part 9 Justice

For those of you readers just joining this series of blogs please remember that these divinatory meanings for this deck are strictly mine. They are my impressions and views of the Pagan Tarot deck and what they mean to me.

I also would like to apologize for the lack of pictures for this series of blogs; my internet signal is not cooperating the way I would like it. I will add photos at a later date.

Justice- Here we see the young woman of the deck sitting at a desk flanked by what appears to be a High Priest holding a scale and having one hand on her shoulder while a High Priestess holds what appears to be a Book of Shadows. Clearly as the young woman touches the book we can see the words “Law of Threefold Return”. This in itself should be self explanatory; often its not.

This is where I often have issues as a Wiccan (being Eclectic has nothing to do with this). If someone broke into your home and held you at gunpoint wouldn’t you do everything you could both mundanely to protect yourself and those you love? Would you really abide by that law just to save yourself karmic retribution? Would you sit idly by while someone deliberately hurt your family? I know I wouldn’t.

I don’t always go by the traditional meaning of the Justice card, which indicates the literal term of justice and court battles. I also believe it means being personally responsible for your own actions. In the stead that if someone did break into your home and you did whatever you had to do to survive the invasion then we are karmically justified and the threefold law does stay in tact. The law of return does NOT indicate deliberately doing nothing to protect those and ourselves we love. It does not mean to be stupid and/or a wimp.

Key Words- threefold law, justice, karma, can indicate time in court (depending on the surrounding cards).

Key Phrase- I am responsible for my own actions and not the actions of another.

Today’s Rant

In reference to yesterday’s blog on gender roles in Wicca; a woman left me a comment and I had to laugh.

One thing I should point out when reading blogs or websites in general (ok so several things I feel the need to point out); they are (the blogs) a reflection of a person’s personal views, opinions, and traditions. They will NOT always reflect the general population so not everyone will agree.

It is fine to debate something one does not agree on but please be respectful! Just because we don’t agree on the blog or whatever informational website you are reading doesn’t make the material wrong for the person who wrote it because as I stated before it is a reflection of the writer.

Second- I feel there is NO wrong or right way to practice the Craft (although more Traditional Wiccans and Pagans will disagree there that’s fine too).

Thirdly- this is my blog. It is an expression of what I’ve learned about Wicca, Witchcraft over the years. It is a journal of my life at times as a Witch, Mother, and a Woman. Unless otherwise stated the material is mine. It is my opinions, views and expressions. I cannot speak for everyone out there in web land I can only SHARE with the public I’ve learned over the years. If I say something to offend someone or if my information is incorrect (for whatever reason) by all means please comment on the blog and I will respond.

Remember if you are going to be a part of the internet and you take serious offense to a post on someone’s website you don’t have to be rude about it and perhaps you should examine your own judgments and how you see people.

Blessed Be xoxoxox